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    Weekly $100K

    Sundays are stacked. Join now to play every Sunday at 4 PM ET in our $100K Gtd tournament. Play in cheap-seat qualifiers starting at $1.10 or buy in for $162.

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    $100K Guaranteed Poker Tournament

    Bodog's biggest and longest running tournament goes down every Sunday afternoon with a guaranteed prize pool of at least $100,000. The first place winner walks away with a minimum of $20K.

    Just pick your level of qualifying tournament to compete in and work your way up to the Sunday $100K Final. Regardless of your poker experience, you have a chance to win your cut of an amazing prize pool.


    Qualify for Bodog's $100K Guaranteed Tournament

    Choose your qualifying path to Bodog's $100K Guaranteed Tournament below. Take the Cheap Seats route or qualify through a Last Chance tournament to win a seat to the $100K Guaranteed, held every Sunday at 4 PM ET. You can also choose to bypass the qualifiers and buy in to the tournament directly for $162.

    Qualify for the $100K Guaranteed for as little as $1. Register now for next Sunday’s $100K Guaranteed tournament or qualifiers under the $100K Guaranteed tab in the Scheduled Tournaments lobby.


    Tournaments Name Buy-in Day and Time (ET)
    Cheap Seats
    $100K Cheap Seats* $1+$0 Daily at 12:40 AM, 3:40 AM, and 7:40 AM
    Guaranteed Tournaments
    $100K Special Qualifier 10 Seats Guaranteed $18 + $1.80 Saturdays at 2:10 PM
    $100K Special Qualifier 50 Seats Guaranteed $18 + $1.80 Sundays at 2:10 PM
    $100K Semifinal 5 Seats Guaranteed $20 + $2 Thursday - Saturday at 8:40 PM
    $100K Quarterfinal 1 Seat Guaranteed (Turbo) $5 + $0.50 Monday to Saturday at 2:40 PM
    $100K Semifinal** $16 + $1 Daily at 4:40 AM and 9:40 AM, Thursday - Saturday at 10:10 PM, Sundays at 1:10 PM
    $100K Semifinal (Turbo)** $16 + $1 Sundays at 2:40 PM
    $100K Semifinal (Rebuy)** $7 + $0.70 Daily at 11:40 AM, Thursday - Saturday at 11:40 PM
    $100K Semifinal (DS)** $35 + $3.50 Monday - Saturday at 3:40 PM
    Last Chance Qualifiers
    $100K Last Chance Qualifier** $4 + $0.40 Sundays at 1:16 PM
    $100K Last Chance Qualifier** $7 + $0.70 Sundays at 1:36 PM and 1:46 PM
    $100K Last Chance Qualifier** $16 + $1 Sundays at 1:56 PM and 2:16
    $100K Last Chance Qualifier ** $30 + $3 Sundays at 2:46 PM
    $100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)** $20 + $2 Sundays at 3:46 PM, 4:16 PM, 4:36 PM and 5:26 PM
    $100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)** $40 + $4 Sundays at 5:16 PM

    *One player for every $17 in the prize pool will win a tournament ticket to any $100K Semi Final.  

    ** One player for every $162 in the prize pool will win a Tournament Ticket to the $100K Guaranteed.