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How to Earn Poker Points

Bodog Poker Points (PTS) are vital to your game.

How to Use your Poker Points

How to Use your Poker Points

Cash in on your Poker Points like never before by converting them into casino and sports bonuses.

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Disconnection protection protects players who are disconnected from the game server.

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Find out more about Bodog's rake structure.

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It's simple to start playing poker at Bodog


Open an Account

Opening an account is simple and free. Complete our simple one page registration to join Bodog and receive all the benefits that go along with being a member of Team Bodog.


Download and Installation

The download takes less than 10 seconds on a high-speed connection.

The software will automatically run after installation. In the future, you can open Bodog Poker at any time by double-clicking the Bodog Poker icon on your desktop.


Play Poker

  • Play Money: All new accounts at Bodog Poker are automatically credited with 1,000 play chips and are ready for play at our Play Money Tables. If your play money balance drops below 500, you may add an additional 1,000 play money chips by clicking on the "Account" tab in the lobby and then selecting "Play Money."
  • Real Money: To fund your Bodog account to play at our real money tables, make a deposit. You may also access the deposit page from the Bodog Poker game software by clicking the "Cashier" button on the side of the main lobby window.

NOTE: You must be logged in to see the "Cashier" button.


Earn Points

  • Ring Games: You will accumulate Poker Points by playing in ring games when you have contributed to a pot that is raked. Points are awarded based on the following table:


Rake Points
$1.00 - $3.00 1.00
$0.50 - $0.99 0.50
$0.25 - $0.49 0.25
$0.05 - $0.24 0.10
$0.01 - $0.04 0.05


  • Tournaments: You receive three Poker Points for every $1.00 in fees paid for tournaments you enter. Ex: you will get 15 points for a tournament with an entry of $50+$5 (buy-in + fee).


How to use your Poker Points

You can convert your Poker Points into Tournament Tickets in the poker software. After logging in, select Account and Points to Tickets. Learn more about how to use your Poker Points.