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75K High Roller

Weekly High Roller Tournament now $75K.

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Two nightly poker tournaments with different guaranteed amounts and a huge stack of chips.

$100K Guaranteed Poker Tournament

$100K Guaranteed Poker Tournament

Bodog's $100,000 guaranteed tournament goes down every Sunday.

Jackpot Sit & Go - Now on Mobile

Now Available on Mobile - This three-player Texas Hold’em poker tournament format has a randomized prize pool that gives you the chance to win up to 1,000 times your buy-in within a few exciting minutes.

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How to Use your Poker Points

How to Use your Poker Points

Cash in on your Poker Points like never before by converting them into casino and sports bonuses.

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100% Poker Sign Up Bonus

You can score up to $1,000 in cash bonuses just by making a deposit to your account and hitting the tables.

Royal Flush Bonus

Royal Flush Bonus

It’s the best hand you’ll ever hold...and it just got even better.

Bad Beat Bonus

Bad Beat Bonus

Nothing takes the sting out of a bad beat bonus quite like winning cash for it.


Mobile Poker

Mobile Poker

Grab your smartphone or tablet and play cash games or Zone Poker wherever you go.

New Chat Feature

Select phrases and emojis at the click of a button, automatic translations and option to mute players or entire games.

Anonymous Poker

Anonymous Tables

Start with a clean slate every time you sit down at one of our tables.

In Software Casino Games

In Software Casino

Check out the full range of high-quality casino games built right into the poker software.

Welcome to Bodog Online Poker

Is there anything better than online poker? Not when you’re playing at the No. 1 poker site in the Western Hemisphere. Bodog Poker has served millions of satisfied customers since the start of the poker boom, giving both recreational and professional players the best games you’ll find anywhere on the internet. Here’s what you can look forward to when you sign up at Bodog Poker.

Who We Are

With roots tracing back to 1994, Bodog first hit the internet in 2000 and quickly became a leading name in the online casino industry. Four years later, at the beginning of the Moneymaker Era, Bodog Poker was born. The timing was perfect; Bodog grew by leaps and bounds during the mid-2000s, drawing some of the best online poker players of the era – players like Ari Engel, David Williams and Evelyn Ng. Now part of the PaiWangLuo Poker Network, Bodog Poker is dedicated to players in Canada, Mexico and across South America.

Why Play with Bodog

No other poker room can offer the same combination of experience, security and great games as Bodog Poker. This is one of the most trusted sites in online gaming, with thousands of players logging in at any one time to play tournaments and cash games. There’s always a game going on, the software is both fast and easy to use, and most importantly, your money is secure.

Top Poker Features

Now let’s pop open the hood and take a look at some of the special features that make Bodog Poker so successful:

More Than Just Hold’em

Most players at Bodog Poker are here to play No-Limit Hold’em – the Cadillac of Poker. But that’s not the only game in town. You can also play Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo at Bodog, and games are available using Fixed-Limit and Pot-Limit betting structures as well as No-Limit.

Zone Poker
For the best “fast fold” poker in the West, make sure to try Zone Poker. Instead of waiting around for the next hand after you fold, you’ll be whisked instantly to a new table with new hole cards. This will let you play about three times as many hands per hour as you can at a regular cash table.

For even more volume, try playing more than one table at the same time. At Bodog, you can play up to two tables of Zone Poker, four tables of cash poker, and up to 15 tournament tables when you play on your desktop client.

Mobile Poker
Do you prefer to play poker on the go? Bodog Poker has the best mobile client in the business. Cash games, Zone Poker, and the new Jackpot Sit-and-Go format are all available to play on your smartphone or tablet.

Anonymous Tables
This is one of the most important special features available at Bodog Poker. Instead of sitting down at a table with your username, you can play incognito, making it much more difficult for smart players to keep track of you and your tendencies. This is doubly important now that so many pros are using tracking software and Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) to get a read on their opponents. Playing anonymous poker is your best defense against getting fed to the sharks.

Hand Histories
While HUDs won’t help you at Bodog Poker, you still have access to your complete hand history. You can replay your most recent hands at the table by using the hand history viewer; you can also download your complete hand history at Bodog, revealing the hole cards of all your opponents for later review. These histories are made available 24 hours after the completion of your session.

Quick Seat
No need to waste time waiting for an open table at a cash game. At Bodog Poker, you can use the Quick Seat function to lock down a seat in seconds. Just select your Game Type, your preferred Limit, and how big a table you want: heads-up, 6-max, or a full ring of nine players. Then choose what stakes you want to play. That’s it – you’ll be playing poker in no time.

Instant Rematch
Playing a series of Heads-Up games with the same player is easy at Bodog Poker. Just use the Instant Heads-Up Rematch feature, and if both you and your opponent are on board, your next game will start as soon as the last one ends.

Customized Tables
While the default layout at Bodog Poker is pretty swank, you can change it however you like in the Table Settings menu. The “racetrack” theme comes in six different colors, and if you prefer, you can choose one of five different sports venues to host your game. There are arenas for both hockey and basketball, and stadiums for football, baseball and soccer.

Rabbit Cam
Curious to see what the next community card would have been after a hand ends before the river? You can go “rabbit hunting” at Bodog Poker by using the Rabbit Cam; this will show you either the turn card (if the hand ends on the flop) or the river card (if the hand ends on the turn).

Animation Effects
If you want to add some extra spice to your game, Bodog Poker will give you a jolt with our special animated features. Make a big hand, and you might see (and hear) your cards catch fire, or bristle with electricity. You might even make it rain dollar bills.

Best Online Poker Canada Site

Canada has embraced online poker from the beginning – so much so that players from other countries are moving to the Great White North to do business. Bodog Poker has deep Canadian roots, as well, serving players (including Engel and Ng, both from Toronto) since the very beginning in 2004.

Best Online Poker Tournaments

In addition to their popular daily and weekly online poker tournaments, Bodog Poker hosts two of the most important online poker festivals in the business: the Black Diamond Poker Open (BDPO) in late winter, and the Golden Spade Poker Open (GSPO) in the early fall. Each of these festivals features millions of dollars in guaranteed prize money, with well over 100 tournaments to choose from and buy-ins for every level of player.

Choose Your Stakes

Whether you’re playing for pennies or thousands of dollars, Bodog Poker has a game for you. The tournaments we just mentioned are divided into micro, low, medium and high buy-in levels; there are even some freerolls to be found on the tourney schedule. At the cash games, the blinds can be as low as 2c/5c, or as high as $10/$20, depending on the game you’re playing. Fixed-Limit games up to $30/$60 are also available at Bodog Poker.

We Have a Poker Bonus for You

When you sign up at Bodog Poker, you’re eligible for a 100% Sign Up Bonus, matching your first deposit dollar-for-dollar. The more you play, the more bonus money you’ll receive, up to $1,000 in instant bonus cash. Current players can also earn up to $1,000 with the Bad Beat Bonus, and another $200 with the Royal Flush Bonus. Check out the Promotions page at Bodog Poker for more details on how to get your hands on all this free money.

Play Casino Games In-Software

There’s more to life than just poker, and Bodog Poker lets you play a wide range of casino games without having to exit the poker client. These are the exact same games you can play at Bodog Casino. You’ll find classic table games, including poker variants like Caribbean Hold’em and Tri Card Poker. There’s also a list of 20 video poker games to choose from, as well as over 150 different slots and progressives. All you need to do is select “Casino Games” from the menu at the top left of the client.

Responsible Gaming

Bodog Poker wouldn’t have lasted this long without taking the game seriously. Players have to be 18 years or older to play at Bodog; this is monitored on a regular basis and strictly enforced. Bodog Poker also offers resources to any customer who has concerns with problem gambling, including a self-exclusion option. You’ll find a list of these resources on the Responsible Gaming page at Bodog, and you can contact Customer Service at any time for more information.

With all this poker goodness at your fingertips, it’s easy to see why Bodog Poker is still going strong. Sign up for your account today; you can even play games for free before you deposit by enabling the Practice Mode. For more information, and for helpful tips on how to get the most out of your poker experience, make sure to check out our ever-growing library of articles at Bodog, as well as our special Getting Started guide. Welcome to Bodog Poker – we’ll see you on the felt.